Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tessa and Jem - so not the perfect couple!

Just finished reading "Clockwork Prince" by Cassandra Clare. I loved the book, as I have loved all her other books. I think she's one of the most intriguing YA authors at the moment and I'm among those queuing in front of Waterstones the day her latest book is launched.
"Clockwork Prince" was no exception. To any rule - I got in on release day, I loved the story and devoured it in the matter of days, and I hated Cassie's "second book twist".
Tessa ends up with Jem? Are you kidding me right now? I'm really sorry about all the "team Jem" fans out there but honestly - JEM?? I don't mean it in a way that he's not good enough for a lead male character, on the contrary. But hands up those who think he's way too perfect! He's always so calm, so composed, so kind to everyone; he's the one who sees through Will's bad behavior; he's the one with the fatal illness inflicted on him by force and still he's not complaining!
And yet, Tessa loves Will. She doesn't admit it, she probably doesn't even know it herself for 2/3rd of the book but she does. The heat they generate when they are in close proximity of each other is enough to keep you warm during the winter months without ever switching the heating on. Hot water bottle - who needs it? Just read the DSBS and you'll be set!
And if that wasn't enough of a proof for you that Tessa loves the bad boys, just think about the moment she actually notices Jem as something more than a friend. When is that? The only time he actually loses his temper, has a shirtless rant and appeares almost as human as the rest of us.
And what about Mr. Perfect not even suspecting Will has feelings for Tessa? Jem - the observing, considerate, intuitive Jem - didn't notice even a flicker of interest in his best friend's, his parabatai's, eyes? Was he too self-involved to notice, or did he simply not care enough?
I really hope he dies in book three (sorry team Jem, it's Cassie's fault) because that's the only way he's out of the picture and Tessa and Will can be together. The scenario where he dies and asks Will to "take care of her" may have been exploited to an agonizing familiarity but it's still better than him ruining Tessa, and Will's, life.
Let's face it, Tessa and Will are meant to be together from the very first page.