Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Paperback Cowgirl interviews Beppe

My dear friend Kelly from Paperback Cowgirl book blog was brave enough to interview Beppe for Then, Now, Forever's tour stop at her blog. Here's what happened...

Beppe thank you so much for meeting with me today!!! I'm very excited to have this opportunity to chat with you today! Let's get started!
Thanks for having me, bellissima. Ask away. *leans back in chair and smirks* 

*blushes, gulps and smiles* I know you've had a difficult childhood, do you have a happy memory you'd like to share with me?

I do. All my happy memories include Gia or Max, or both. When we were kids we used to get into all sorts of trouble. Poor Max always ended up covering for me and Gia. Frankly, the moment I set foot outside my house, I felt like a different person. I felt like a child. Gia and Max made that happen, without even realising it.* smiles* They never treated me differently, even though they knew what the situation at home was.
*Beppe shifts in the chair and takes out a packet of cigarettes*
Do you mind if I smoke?
*mesmerized that he can even make asking to smoke look incredibly sexy all I can manage is a small nod*
* Beppe lights up and I try not to stare at his perfect lips*
I loved it when they invited me to have dinner at their house – Luca Selvaggio was an amazing cook – or when they took me along to picnics and days out. I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for them.
*Beppe exhales cigarette smoke and sets his dark eyes on me*
Read the rest of the interview HERE