Thursday, 14 June 2012

Twitter love

I love Twitter. There. I said it.
I was one of the last people on earth to open an account because I simply didn't see the point of it. I didn't understand. But now I do, and I can honestly say I'm a converted Twitter lover.
And I know exactly the reason why I love it. It makes it possible for me to connect with people I otherwise never would have. People who live on different continents; people who speak other languages; people who have completely different interests; people who are so famous I'd never be allowed within 100 meters of them.
I can't even express with mere words how I felt when Cassandra Claire herself read my blog (a rant about her latest book at the time) and REPLIED to me personally. Or when Maggie Stiefvater did the same and said she loved my blog. I felt like a rock star had just signed my bra.
This would have never happened without Twitter. I don't know about any other platform that can give me such freedom, such connection with people I admire.
If you love Twitter as well, come say Hi @Teodora_Kostova

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