Friday, 5 October 2012


I've been interacting with my readers a lot recently (thanks to everyone who got in touch, it means the world to me!) and a common topic we've been discussing is Love at First Sight. Or LAFS. It all originated from Blake and Ava's LAFS which many people think happens only in books/movies and although there's nothing wrong with that (they are book characters after all), people feel it's not very believable. I personally don't have a problem with believable, I always like to escape the real world when I read, but others do and it turned to a very girly discussion with lots of giggles (I can only imagine they were giggling because of the many LOLs). We discussed Attraction at First Sight or AAFS (not as catchy as LAFS I'm afraid), we shared many shirtless hot guys pics and drooled mused over both AAFS and LAFS.
In the end, I had to share my story. They say authors write what they know, and it's true one way or another. We put a piece of ourselves in every character whether we want it or not. Ava is privileged, annoying, rude, spoiled and grumpy which is miles away from my sunny self, but unwillingly I had to make her fall in love fast and hard. Just like I did.
I met my husband nine years ago at a party. It turned out our names were the exact male-female versions of each other (meant-to-be point one). We danced and made out all night and in the end all I knew about him was his name, age and phone number. I couldn't stop thinking about him and I felt it was different than other "party dates" I've had (meant-to-be point two). He texted the next day; I replied. We exchanged texts for a week before I saw him again. It felt... good. It felt as if I've known him forever (cheesy, I know, but it's true). I was relaxed in his company. I felt safe; home (meant-to-be point three).
We spend the weekend together and I didn't see him for three weeks after that. We texted and talked on the phone though. Then he invited me to spend my holiday with him in London. It was the best holiday ever! I met his friends; we went sightseeing, cooked and watched TV together. It felt so amazingly right.
When I left my heart broke. I couldn't stop crying for days. I never said anything to him, I didn't want him to think I was some lunatic throwing tantrums over somebody who I'd met three times in my life and knew for less than two months. But I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
After two more (agonizing) weeks, he invited me to London for the weekend. And out of nowhere suggested I move in with him.
I agreed.
We've been together ever since.
I turned my back on everything I knew for him. I left my family, friends, job, everything. I felt it was the right thing to do with every fiber in my body and nobody could convince me otherwise.
Looking back, I realize I was young and stupid and maybe I shouldn't have trusted someone so quickly. He might have turned out to be a serial killer or worse. But I trusted my intuition completely and I'm so glad I did.
I do have a point with all this rom-com ramblings. LAFS doesn't exist only in movies and books. It does exist in real life. It's one of those phenomenons that no one knows why or how they happen or can find a cure. It's beautiful yet terrifying and it's very rare. It doesn't happen to a lot of people and sometimes even if it does they are too blind to see it. I feel so blessed and so lucky to have found my soul mate that way. And I'm going to continue writing about it until my fingers turn blue.
Because it's absolutely worth it.

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