Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First tour stop - at YA Book Addict

Kicking off this fabulous blog tour with a review and giveaway at YA Book Addict.

Review excerpt:

And just like that, in a heartbeat, their lives changed forever.

Happiness is discovering an author who's work you haven't read before and falling in love with the characters they have created and the story they have woven. So after reading In a Heartbeat, I am very happy indeed!!!

In a Heartbeat started with me having a huge smile on my face. Stella is part of a wonderful happy family. But within a few pages of starting this my face no longer contained that smile. Things fell apart very quickly. From one thing to the next Stella endures way more than any girl her age should have to deal with. Cancer being one of those things. After her latest round of treatment, Stella decides to get away for a few months and go to Italy to spend time with her Cousin Lisa and her Aunt Niki. Somewhere where she's not known as the girl with cancer.

Not long after arriving, Stella is on the beach when she catches sight of the incredibly gorgeous lifeguard Max. Stella is completely captivated by him. And it turns out that he is her cousins friend and they will be spending plenty of time together. After fighting their feelings for each other it soon becomes impossible to ignore and a beautiful romance blossoms between the two of them. But always in the back of Stella's mind is the possibility of her cancer returning.

My favourite character hands down was Max. He starts out as a flirt and readily admits to the amount of girls that he's been with. But his feelings for Stella are like nothing he's ever felt before. He was so loving and sweet and caring. It was impossible not to love him. And he's definitely going on my list of book boyfriends.

He had black shorts on and nothing else. The muscles on his chest, arms and shoulders flexed with every step he took.The tattoo on his hip moved in sync with his body and at that moment all Stella wanted to do was yank his shorts down and explore it. With her mouth.

Click here to read the whole review and enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a copy of 'In a Heartbeat' and some signed swag.
Thank you, Tracey, such a wonderful way to start!

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