Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cover re-design

This week I had the cover for Then, Now, Forever - the second book of the Heartbeat series - done. It is AMAZING! I can't wait to show it to everyone! The wonderful and very talented Arijana from Cover It Designs  did an awesome job, managing to put together all my ideas and being patient enough to make lots of changes. The end result is gorgeous!
Arijana also re-designed the cover of In a Heartbeat. Here it is:

Nice, right? I love it! I'm working on updating the new cover everywhere and soon you'll be able to order the new paperbacks! 
I got inspired by all this designing and re-designing and had a little work done on the blog - hope you like the new look! I promise to keep you updated regularly with news of Then, Now, Forever's release! I might even have a little teaser for you soon...


  1. Ooohh how long till it comes out?

    1. I've planned it for late August, Anna-Marie. Fingers crossed everything will go according to plan ;)

  2. I lookforward to it x nearly finished In a Heartbeat x been decorating so been too knackered at night to read much x I love Max & Stella x

  3. Have you found a pic of Max yet? I cant seem to get a good enough image in my head yet? I keep picturing my boyfriend :-) & god love him he is no where near lifeguard matterial, BUT he is half italian so has the colouring & the most fab brown eyes :-)

  4. I have yes, even before I started writing the book - I needed some inspiration ;) I've posted lots of pics on my facebook page, but here are some more, especially for you ;)