Friday, 21 November 2014

News, and stuff

I know, I know, I've been slacking off lately, not keeping my promise to update my blog more regularly, but with good reason, I promise. I've been busy with a secret project, but more on that later.
I have some great news to share! First off, Mask blog tour ends up today and it has been fantastic! The reviews the book got are so amazing that some of them made me all misty-eyed and warm inside. I'm amazed and beyond happy with the incredible support my book had received, from both fans of Dance and people who'd never read any of my books before. 
I have to share this quote from one of the reviews, because it's so important to me that I could change even one person's mind about accepting people as they are:

I’m not a fan of feminising a male character in m/m romance and at first I felt this was happening to Penn with the dressing in silk etc, but it wasn’t until I grasped and understood this diverse and wonderful character that he is that it all clicked into place. I felt kind of ashamed to put that assumption in my head and loved the message in this book in that everyone is unique and are there to be accepted for who they are.

Another great thing that happened over the past few weeks was that Dance got nominated in the MM Romance Readers Choice awards in two categories - Best Cover Art and Best Performance/Visual Arts! Thank you to whoever nominated my book - I feel so honoured. 

And, last but not least, about that secret project. I've been working on a Christmas novella about all four of my boys for a couple of weeks now. It's called Dreaming of Snow and will be released in December - the exact date to be announced soon! Click on the cover to add it on Goodreads.

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