Thursday, 22 January 2015

Events and appearances

In 2015 I'll try to go to as many book events as possible. Here's a list with the events I've already booked and planned for:

If you're somewhere around these events, drop by to say hello. I'd love to meet you!

I'm also planning on going to GRL in San Diego, 14-18 October, but I haven't confirmed it yet. It's a huge decision since it's the furthest away and travel expenses will be way out of budget, but I'll do everything possible to attend this event.

Also, there's the fabulous event my friend Marc is organising in Munich, Germany, which coincides with the Dublin signing - 10-12 July. I'd already accepted the invitation to do the Dublin signing so I can't go to Munich, but it'll be fantastic and I'm urging everyone to go. Here's the website for more info on attending authors, speakers and entertainment all through the weekend: Euro Pride Con.

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