Sunday, 15 February 2015

Piece by Piece news, teasers and excerpts

I posted a couple of excerpts from my upcoming book Piece by Piece on my Facebook author page and people went crazy with excitement. I can't even begin to explain how much that means to me. It pushes me to write and follow my schedule even when that's the last thing I feel like doing.
Writing is going well, although a nasty cold I acquired last week set me back a few thousand words, but I'm trying to catch up. It's not easy to write this book, mainly because it's very emotional. It'll be the most emotional book I've ever written and it's taking its toll on me. I need a break after certain scenes, and pushing through them is not always easy.
But, having said that, I'm enjoying writing it way too much. The story is very impatient to get out and I'm doing everything I can to follow its lead.

Click on the cover to add it on Goodreads. I'll post the pre-order Amazon links as soon as I have them. As for the release date - I haven't set an exact date yet, but I'm aiming for early April.
For anyone who's missed the excerpts on my Facebook page, here's a little taste of the mood of the book:

Excerpt #1

Sonnie traced the rough lines on Riley's wrist, feeling the 
disfigured skin.

“How many times?” he asked softly.

Riley didn’t reply for a long time. He kept caressing Sonnie's 



Sonnie closed his eyes, willing himself to calm down. He 

wanted to scream, and hit, and kick until all the rage inside 

him leaked out. But he remained still, focused on his 

breathing and counted to twenty. 

His eyes filled with tears he hated. He hated feeling this 

impotent, this helpless to do anything about Riley's pain.

“Promise me you’ll never do it again,” he finally managed to 


Riley didn't. He kept holding Sonnie but no words came out 

of his mouth.

Lifting his head off Riley's chest, Sonnie looked into his blue 

eyes. They were shining with unshed tears, gleaming like 

drops of rain in the soft light.

“Promise me.”

“I can’t.”

Excerpt #2

Slowly, the sobs lost their power, the tears dried, and the 

terrifying grief inside Riley subsided. He could take a breath 

without feeling like his lungs were on fire.

“I’m sorry,” he rasped as he pulled away. 

“Don’t be,” Sonnie said, stroking Riley's upper arm.

“It’s just so stupid!” Riley stood from the sofa, grabbing a 

tissue from the box on the coffee table and wiping his face. 

“He’s been gone for ten years, Sonnie. Ten fucking years and 

it still feels like it was yesterday.”

“Oh, honey,” Sonnie walked over to him, turning him around 

to look into his eyes. “It’s not stupid...”

“It’s your fault,” Riley interrupted without any heat in his 

voice. Sonnie closed his mouth, frowning, as he waited for 

Riley to continue. “You make me feel, Sonnie. Do you know 

how long it’s been since I felt?” Sonnie shook his head, his 

eyes misting over. “Six years. And I know that because it’s 

been six years since I opened this shop, and it saved me. I 

threw myself into it, into doing something I love, and grew 

numb. And it felt good. I hadn’t had a breakdown like that in 

six years, and then you come along with your sexy smile and 

your confidence and your honesty, and you make me want to 

feel again. You make me want to have a life, to dream about 

the future, to have friends again, and I don't know how to do 

that without him.”

Sonnie's frown softened, but it didn't disappear completely. 

Riley waited to see the imminent pity appear in his eyes, but 

instead, all he saw was steely resolve. 

“I’m not going to apologise for that, Riley, even though I 

didn't do it on purpose, but I’m glad it happened. I’m here for 

you, OK?” Sonnie reached out and cupped Riley's cheek, 

brushing a thumb over his cheekbone. Riley couldn't resist 

leaning into the touch, rubbing his cheek against Sonnie's 

palm. “As a friend,” Sonnie continued, and Riley couldn't 

help but feel disappointed. What did he expect? That Sonnie 

would throw himself at him, kiss him and declare eternal 

love? He was a mess, a huge fucking mess, and nobody in his 

right mind would want to get involved in that. “As someone 

you can count on. I’m not going to judge you, but I’m also not 

going to let you continue like this.” Sonnie took a step back, 

spreading his arms wide. “This life you’re leading is an 

existence, Riley. It’s like you’re already dead, just waiting to 

make it official.”

He couldn't have said it better himself. 

“And you’ve got too much soul to live like that.”

Riley said nothing. What could he say? That he knew his soul 

died ten years ago on that cold road, alone, in a pool of 

blood? That what he was left with was a mere fraction of a 

soul, the bare necessity to go on living?

Riley nodded. He couldn't voice any of that, not when Sonnie 

was looking at him with so much hope.

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