Thursday, 19 March 2015

I *heart* indie

Do you? 

Naturally, as an independent writer, I'm a huge supporter of indie writers. I know how hard it is to do everything yourself, but at the same time it's absolutely amazing when your efforts are rewarded. 

I'd never have achieved anything if it weren't for the support of the wonderful community - bloggers, other writers, readers - everyone who goes out of their way to support the indie community. 

So, to add my little stamp of support, I've decided to start a regular feature on my blog, showcasing the work of independent artists, called The Indie Hour. 

If you're an indie writer, musician, artist, anything - drop me a line at t.t.kostova at gmail dot com, telling me a little bit about yourself and your work. 

Looking forward to hearing from, what I'm sure will be, very talented people!


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