Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentine's Day SALE

Dance is on sale for $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time (11-15 Feb) to celebrate Valentine's Day. After all, snuggling with a sexy book and a cup of hot chocolate is the best way to celebrate any holiday, right?
I pondered which book of mine to do a promotion on considering they're all love stories and decided to go with Dance for many reasons. It was my first MM romance novel and will always be special to me. I also wrote a short story with the characters from dance - Fenix and Jared, which you can all download for free from Smashwords. I'm trying to get it price-matched on Amazon, but for now, get your free copy in any format from Smashwords

And the cherry on top? The Dance audio book is whispersynced so you can get an ebook and audio book combo for less than $3!

Here's all the links you'll need:

Dance ebook on Amazon:
Dance ebook on Amazon UK:
Dance audio on Audible:
Dance audio on Audible UK:
Free short story:

I rarely do any sales on my books, so get it while you can!
I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day, however you'll be celebrating!

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