Friday, 22 April 2016

Cookies is LIVE on Amazon!

I'm super excited to announce that my new contemporary romance Cookies is now LIVE on Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Want to get yourself a tasty treat?

Cookies is about Amir, an army veteran who's lost his leg in Afghanistan, and Jay, a student in Cambridge, who falls for Amir despite all his scars.
I did a ton of research about amputated limbs, soldiers, the military and, of course, baking. I read some heartbreaking stories, but I also read stories that inspired me and lifted my spirits when I felt stuck. 
I desperately wanted to do all these people justice. But at the same time, I wanted to show the softer side of the story, not focus on the initial battle to get your life back that nearly every veteran experiences coming back home. 
I really hope I succeeded showing the respect I feel for every single person who’s fought for their country. 
Cookies is a feel-good, happy book. It's a curl-on-the-sofa-on-a-rainy-Sunday-afternoon kinda book. 
I wanted to make people smile, and gush, and desperately want a brownie or five. 
Hopefully, I succeeded. 

Book Description:

I went to war, running away from myself. I came back in pieces to find out who I really was... 
It took me nearly ten years, two tours in Afghanistan and losing a leg to come to terms with who I really am. 
Two years after coming back from war, I can say that I’m finally content. I’m as fit as ever, my prosthetic leg allowing me the freedom to move and exercise as if nothing has changed. I own a small bakery in the centre of Cambridge, and I have a loyal circle of friends that I can always count on. 
And yet... 
Yet, there’s something missing. A part of me craves the intimacy, the deep connection to another human being. But another – bigger – part of me is terrified of letting anyone in. 
My internal conflict didn't stand a chance when I met Jay. He stormed through my defence walls like a hurricane, wrapping around me with gentle force until I had no choice but to surrender. 
Surrendering has never felt so good. 
Will Jay want to stay when he sees the real me? When he sees the nightmares and insecurities clawing at my soul? When he realises the burden I come with may be heavier than we both can carry? 
My name is Amir Gopal and this is my story. 

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