Friday, 30 March 2018

🌟Ten Mile Bottom is here! 🌟

Hi, guys!!

I'm super excited to finally share the news that my new book, Ten Mile Bottom, is out! It's been a long time coming and I feel both excited and anxious about this release, but the comments and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and I couldn't be happier about that!

I've mentioned before, and I wrote a lengthy note at the end of the book about it, but let me just say here that this book is the most personal book I've ever written. I usually shy away from writing from personal experience that much, but Finn is the closest character to myself I've ever written, especially where his relationships with his partner, family, friends and especially his mother, are concerned. It felt both liberating and sad to go through the process of writing this story, and I'm glad people seem to enjoy it, and more importantly, connect with Finn and his struggles.

Have you read Ten Mile Bottom already? Let me know what you think :) 

Book Description:

Hitting rock bottom is just the beginning...

I’m a son, a brother, a friend. 
A writer.
An addict.
Cardiac arrest isn’t enough to keep me dead, though. The doctors brought me back, but for what?

At twenty four I’ve already achieved what most people do in a life time. I’m a successful author, own a flat in the heart of London and drive my dream sports car. 
Or at least that’s what people see.
Once the spotlight fades, I’m left alone with my overactive mind, alcohol and drugs the only way to quiet down the noise.
Until an overdose nearly kills me and drags everyone I love down with me. 
With the help of my best friend, I leave London and its toxic influence behind, moving to a small town in the outskirts of Cambridge to try and put my life back together again.

If only it were that easy.

One click on Amazon, Amazon UK, and all other Amazon sites. Also available on KU.

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