Wednesday, 23 November 2011

"Silence" by Becca Fitzpatrick

Just finished the last of the "Hush Hush" trilogy last night. "Silence" was amazing!
I read "Hush Hush" in a day which may not be so speedy for some people but I simply don't have the time the sit around and read all day. But this book grabbed me and I just couldn't leave it. Which meant stirring dinner on the stove with a book in hand, reading in front of my son's nursery after I left him and reading while walking to the supermarket (my eyes left the book just to cross the road once). 
I immediately fell for Patch. No other YA book character had grabbed me from the first moment he appeared. Not Edward, Jace, Damon, not even my all time favorite Eric Northman. Ms Fitzpatrick had managed to convey his presence from the first scene. And I believed every word.
When I finished the book I was so disappointed. Not because I hated the ending or even because I had to wait for almost a year before the next one came out. I was disappointed because it finished. Reading the last few chapters I had that funny feeling when you want to know what happens but at the same time you savor every single word because you know it will end soon and you so don't want it to. Very few books make me feel this way.
"Crescendo" is the second in the series and for me it was a bit disappointing. Maybe I had waited a long time or maybe I was expecting something better than the first one. I liked it but still couldn't shake the feeling it was a step back from "Hush Hush".
And then "Silence" came out. I fell in love with every single page. It absolutely resonated the warm feeling I had inside when I read "Hush Hush". Nora and Patch's chemistry almost gave me a paper cut. Several times. The action was non stop, there wasn't a single moment when I felt a bit bored or distracted. 
I admire Becca Fitzpatrick for managing to create such a lovely trilogy with such memorable characters. The whole atmosphere of the book is so intense that even though I started another one today ("Last Breath" by Rachel Caine), I still feel Patch lurking behind the corner and expect to find him or Nora at the end of that long, dark alley.

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